Positive Place Making

Through Public Art

One Wall, One Victory

Blank Wall Assassins is a not for profit organisation whose vision is to inspire people through world class public art in Carlisle. We believe that incredible art should not be confined to galleries and museums, viewed by the few and missed by the masses. That’s where our ‘One Wall, One Victory’ approach comes in.

In Carlisle we are firmly part of the worldwide street art movement with our streets clad in rich artistic offerings from some of the world’s best artists. Our mission is to create vibrant public spaces that surprise, excite and inspire. We want to challenge people’s perceptions of where they live and work; making unloved spaces desirable and creating a sense of ownership and interaction with culture for everyone.

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Our partners help bring Carlisle’s street art to life

We are lucky enough to have some amazing backers and organisations that have helped make all of this possible. We owe them a massive thank you for all they have helped us achieve.


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