About us

Blank Wall Assassins is a not for profit organisation whose vision is to inspire people through world class public art. We believe that everyone should have access to meaningful cultural experiences, and we are driven by the belief that incredible art should not be confined to galleries and museums.

Our aim is to create vibrant public spaces that engage communities and challenge perceptions through the integration of street art in our towns and cities.

We believe that art and creativity is a catalyst to sustainability and our “one wall, one victory” motto is the driving force behind this project.

We Are Blank Wall Assassins

Ben Heslop

After a lifetime’s love affair with art, especially graffiti based street art Ben, owner of Landmark Street Art, has built strong links with the artists he loves. Blank Wall Assassins was a concept he arrived at through travelling the world and being surrounded by some of the best artists and their work. Seeing first hand how art can change the way people react to their surroundings and feel about the streets they travel through lit the fire for Ben to bring this to his home city. His ‘one wall one victory’ approach to integrating public art within the cityscape very quickly caught the eye of the relevant stakeholders within the city such as the City Council, County Council, local media, businesses, schools, community organisations & cultural institutions. His aim has always been to pull together a truly inspiring and eclectic roster of talent for the city.

Ben can regularly be heard saying to Anna “I’m not sure how this is going to work but …” then proposing something he has no idea how to pull off in reality, especially when it comes to paperwork!

Anna Chippendale

Anna’s background is in delivering large scale, outdoor events & festivals & more recently socio-economic development arts & culture projects in Cumbria. From chaperoning bands in the 90’s on early tour day madness all over Europe to celebrating being part of the team who got Dizzee Rascal to headline Blissfields festival, Anna has a laser focus for inspiring and growing communities through cultural experiences. A long time fan of street art, Anna saw what Ben was doing in her city and annoyed him into getting her involved to help drive the initiative forward. Anna’s love of the arts, attention to detail and knowledge of project management is now vital to how Blank Wall Assassins runs.

Anna can regularly be heard muttering “I should get a medal for working with Ben ” under her breath while staring at a pile of notes!

Their joint passion & experience in making art & cultural experiences accessible to all is what makes Blank Wall Assassins such a strong partnership.