Wall #16

Tymon de Laat: All From This Earth

Tymon is back and we couldn’t be happier!

This time he based his sketch on a photo he took of a little girl at sunset in Don-det Laos.  The powerful image with the 1000 mile stare conveys an inner wonder and beauty of a child but also, importantly for Carlisle, it portrays a very different cultural perspective.  Tymon’s work always embodies the crossing of cultures and aims to raise awareness of differences in a positive light by opening peoples eyes to the sense of ‘other’ and hopefully start people on a journey of discovery.  In his own words Tymon states  “lets celebrate the diversity and remind ourselves we are all equal and all from the earth”

The week on site spent painting this stunning artwork saw Carlisle come out in force to celebrate the arrival of new artwork to their city streets.  Momentum shifted after Smug came and the implementation of the street art tour you are on now sprang forth after an amazingly well attended launch event by City Mayor Pam Birks. The city was primed and ready and they knew something exciting was going down.  It was very special to have interactions with so many people during the week who made the effort to see the stages of development.

Click the image below to watch the painting unfold.


This piece as always reminded us at Blank Wall Assassins of the power of public art.  From our interactions with the students who live in the building, our new friends at Scallywags who’s business looks onto the project or KC Super bikes who get their own unique view from afar, it is hard to find someone who would rather stare at a blank wall…good job really!

This wall was made possible by U Student