Wall #15

Andy Ash: All The Colours

Andy Ash is an all round creative be it art work, remixing or creating his own tunes he has it covered!  Having been on our radar for a long while we struck up a conversation to see if there was a possibility of a wall in Carlisle.  Turns out he has never done one … which made us want to get him up here even more!  His fun bold characters really jump off the canvas and create a real sense of fun and joy, and while we curate the streets of the city, it is always upmost in our mind who will view it and how we want them to feel.  We have been lucky enough to have the support of Struts party store for several pieces and they want this sense of fun to run through their business and their building.  Sometimes we pick the walls and other times the walls pick the pieces!


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The Whole Process!

This wall was made possible by Struts