Wall #NPF 5

L7 Matrix: Bird Explosion

L7 Matrix is good friends with Liam Bononi.  Both hailing from Brazil and now living in France and the UK accordingly, why am I telling you this… well I will tell you now!  Strikes caused havoc to our plans for the first Northern Paint Fest, we ended up losing two of our original line up just to the logistics being too much to overcome for some.  Liam was on our original rosta and was painting up in Glasgow.  When he saw we were having difficulties he asked his good friend L7, also painting in Glasgow, if he wanted to extend his UK jaunt and go home to France via Carlisle, he said yes and the rest is history!  This piece displays L7 Matrix’s wonderful combination of free expression and beautiful artistic detail.  Watching his work come alive in what is a mixture of dance, free expression and artistic talent is truly a thing of beauty, those that were lucky enough to see it will understand where the energy in the finished piece comes from, and that is the man himself and is captivating painting style.

Painted as part of The Northern Paint Fest June 2022

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