Wall #NPF 4

Liam Bononi: Eyes On You

Liam got in touch when we put a call out for artists and after having a chat and seeing his work we knew he just had to come to the festival.  Liam’s interesting take on portraiture and street style makes for a heady mix and a really powerful outcome.  Mixing yellows golds and matt blacks, this work sways from tight details to swathes of drips and loose style expertly blended into a finished look.  The centerpiece of the eye draws you in and then the detailed hands pose another layer to the visual and the context.  Liam fades out the piece against an imposing black background with drips splatters and brush strokes to create a captivating masterpiece that looks into you the more you look into it.

Painted as part of The Northern Paint Fest June 2022

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