Wall #NPF 2

Paz: The Cut off Point

Paz earned his right to paint at the Northern Paint Fest over years of being a one man army of expression within the city.  Having single handedly brought tile art to the Carlisle streets, he had, in recent times, turned his hand to painting.  Fast becoming known for his contemporary takes on city and lake district vistas, nervously and with some coaxing he decided the next logical jump from privately painting small canvases…was to tackle a public art festival with some of Europe’s best talent and upscale it to 2m x 2m!  Paz did not disappoint and this stunning view of the Castle combining stencils, freehand brush work and spray is a real gem of the festival.  Paz showed just why he should be standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the giants and slowly and methodically brought this crowd pleasing favourite to live over the festival.

Painted as part of The Northern Paint Fest June 2022

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