Wall #10

Phoebe Bell: Joy Bound

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Was painted by 18 year old, Cumbrian resident Phoebe Bell between the 16th- 19th July, 2019. After finishing her A Levels she held her end of year show and Ben Heslop, lead force behind Blank Wall Assassins, went on the recommendation of a friend to check out this amazing young talent.  Ben went incognito and chatted with Phoebe before letting on that he had ulterior motives!  “I was really moved by Phoebe’s work and her creativity. I bought a piece from her show for my home straight away and quickly convinced her to upscale a pencil drawing that measured 20cm x 20cm into the piece you see before you today measuring 2m x 2m!” Phoebe’s passion to create and her lack of fear for new challenges saw her tackle this within 3 weeks of her final year show as she was heading to America for a year.  It was painted freehand in acrylics, using brushes & fingers. Phoebe’s first mural, but hopefully not her last.

Check out the creation video here

Look up and see an unlikely pairing and the sad tale of misplaced love for your next pieces on the tour!

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