Wall #2

Tabby: Banana Bomber

 Making the world safer one step at a time

Featuring Tabby’s trademark sense of humour, this piece sees the classic juxtaposition of the serious and the humorous.  At first glance, or if there is a car in the way, the viewer may miss the key element of the joke. Tabby states, “The best way to get a message out in the world is for it to be fun, nobody wants to spend more time than needed on a boring topic, but if you can make a serious topic fun then more people will pay attention.”  If you look back at some of the other pieces by the artist you may now be able to draw a link to a deeper message than is first seen with themes of war, commercialism, depression and the importance of positivity all being present.

Although small in size, the placement of this piece and the, slightly, larger than life design brings its own intrigue and joy.  This piece was an early addition to the city’s street art scene and made a good stir with the media as the entrance to the BBC Radio studio is on your right…and we all know journalists love a good story right! 

Head round the corner and be ready to dive into Roman times… Smug style!

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