Wall #5

Tabby: Forbidden Love

This is a busy loading bay so stay alert.

Was painted on the morning and early afternoon of the 27th November 2018, just before the heavens opened. Talk about cutting it fine, Tabby was flying out that evening and the weather had been against the team all week.  This was a last attempt to get high on the scaffolding and just make it work.  At the time of painting, it was Tabby’s 5th major piece in Carlisle as well as his largest. It was created using some pretty big stencils and 3 colours of spray paint.  The scaffold had been ordered, permissions granted and the only uncontrollable was the weather…and it just about played ball!  Getting Tabby’s trademark shadow done before the heavens opened was a bit dicey but as you can see, it got done!  Health and safeties always at the top of our agenda when working aloft as the progress shoots show!  A lot of discussion as too if this wall was ‘accessible enough’ for street art came before the painting process.  Part of the beauty of street art is that sometimes it isn’t always too accessible or seen by everyone and does have to be hunted out.  This piece is a great example of that.

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