Wall #4

Tabby: Not Again – Expect the Unexpected

“Dave” as it is affectionately known, was painted by Tabby on the 27th November 2018. Using spray paint and stencils, this piece was one of three works which went up on Tabby’s 2nd visit to Carlisle. Tabby commented “This was a really fun piece to create as we hid in plain sight completing this piece at night while the bar was open, there were actually people sitting on the table directly on the other side of the wall with no idea!” The video below shows how street artists often hide in plain sight … even the police sometimes miss them!  This piece is a great example of Tabby’s trademark use of humor in his art and a reminder that art, especially that seen in the public domain while going around one’s daily business doesn’t always have to have a strong message and can simply be fun and have a soul purpose of raising a smile… You have got to feel sorry for Dave though right?   

Check out the creation video here

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