Wall #6

AME72: Lenny

Was the first of two works painted in Carlisle by AME72, on the 9th December 2018, using spray paints, stencils and more than a touch of freehand. The work can be found on the side wall of Struts Fancy Dress Shop and is, according to the artist, based on a character in the 2nd Lego Movie.  Ame72 was commissioned to paint the Lego studio in LA for the producer of the movies Dan Lin.  Interestingly the LA work is the only other street piece to feature a pink ‘Lego guy’ by Ame72.  The larger than life character almost jumps off the wall at passers by and can not help but spread joy and smiles.  James traveled over from his home in Israel to paint this for the city.  This street is a main link between the college and several large schools so it gets a lot of exposure to young people.

Check out the creation video here

Take a few steps left and enjoy some lyrical art by Angry Dan!

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