Wall #18

Atma: The Crown

Fresh off the back of his stunning mural at Tullie, Atma returned to Carlisle to paint at the Crown Inn, Stanwix. A trademark Atma piece, instantly recognisable from the mix of patterns and bold colour palette, and another cracker Carlisle is fortunate to be the custodian of. Diane at the Crown Inn had long been interested in finding the right artist for this interesting wall. ‘We knew we needed something fun lively and a design that worked close up and from afar which is no mean feet’ Said Ben Heslop Founder of Blank Wall Assassins. Atma came to view the pub when painting Tullie House (see his mural here) and said ‘I knew that this would have to work and be super colourful for people sat having a drink in the sun’ And with his trademark burst of colour design and placement, ‘The Crown’ was born. Seemingly it has gone down well with the locals whose beer garden is now a homage to colour, positivity and beauty.

When visiting this piece why not stop for a drink or some amazing grub that is served up at the Crown…before continuing your tour of course!

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