Wall #13

Lucie Flynn: Strength

Strength – was one of two pieces completed in Carlisle on the 26th of September 2020 and the 1st mural painted directly onto a wall by artist Lucie Flynn. This theme of Blank Wall Assassins convincing artists to push their creative horizons and step out of their comfort zone was working well! Using a combination of spraypaint and coloured emulsions, the work sits high up on the rear wall of The Thin White Duke bar on Friars Court. Lucie said of her work “There are not enough women represented in the street art scene or graffiti scene – I wanted to produce an artwork that had life and power to it. ‘Strength’ reflects women who mean business! My colour pallete is always a primary driving force and for this I really wanted the colour to pop off the walls. You can’t miss it and my aim was to create an artwork that had a unique quality – something you could sit and get involved in from the courtyard restaurant that it overlooks and from the street it sits against.”

And that is where you are heading now so turn around and head into the Print Yard, why not grab a pint or even better some of their wonderful street food!

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