Wall #11

Martin Evans: Aira Force

Painted by Carlisle Artist, Martin Evans. The painting of Cumbrian landmark, Aira Force pushes the envelope in Carlisle as to what public art is all about. Having never painted a wall before Martin has produced the city’s first large scale landscape piece. It was completed on July 25th using Montana cans, along with mural and acrylic paints. Martin said “It was an exciting challenge of upscaling from my previous largest painting, a 1.5m canvas, to a 5m x 3m wall!” Being good friends with Ben he wasn’t surprised he was dragged into his plans to brighten up the city! “The challenge of recreating something on a large scale and on a different medium was also the joy of the experience, landscape isn’t something you see everyday on a street art piece so it was exciting to see the reaction of the city.” And the reaction was, again, massively positive. People now could see that the project was wider than ‘traditional street art’ and was to encompass artists from afar as well as from within the city and feature many varied styles and genres.

Now head back out the lane and cross the road and look for the Thin White Duke

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