Wall #NPF 9

Nuno Viegas: Glove x Banana Cap x Pixacào

Long term friend and fellow painter within the city Tymon De Laat had got Nuno into his studio in Rotterdam early on in his career and there they shared a space together and both grew on their journey to world wide critical acclaim. Having circled around each other at many events and cities, Ben had not actually met Nuno however the mutual friendship in Tymon meant that when they did they both knew a lot about what each other stood for.  Nuno had always graciously offered to come paint in the city and the Northern Paint Fest was the place where that desire, schedules and walls all came together.  Nuno’s documentation of graffiti culture through his hyper real paintings meant he was already one of the hottest properties painting and this piece definitely shows why. We had worked on the concept, which he had wanted to do for a long time, and had a plan to extend the 3-D look of the piece by adding the extra piece of wood for the top finger.  This resulted in Ben having to nervously cut round his initial sketch before replacing the finished finger tip on top of the wall for him to shade, fun times!  The result is phenomenal and the collaboration with the ever busy L7 Matrix who added the Pixacào text with a small hand roller is quite simply breath taking.  A real honour to have such a humble artist, friend and talent at our first festival.

Painted as part of The Northern Paint Fest June 2022

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